Date: 7:00 pm 28-Mar - 4-Apr, 2021

Christ in the Passover Seder Presentation 2021 1

Even though COVID-19 continues to make its presence felt, you can still celebrate Passover with Steven Ger. Steven has recorded a Christ in the Passover demonstration that will be broadcasting Passover through Easter to prepare our hearts for the power of the season! Explore the Jewish heart of Christianity through this dynamic, educational presentation that reveals the prophetic connection between the Jewish Passover and Christian communion.

Step by step, Steven illustrates how Jesus, during His Last Supper, gave fresh, life-changing meaning to the ancient tradition of Passover. Discover how our Messiah’s reinterpretation of the Passover meal instituted the celebration of communion and announced a new era of human history. And Steven may even sing …

Premiering Sunday evening March 28 and streaming on demand throughout Holy Week. View on either the Beth Sar Shalom Facebook page or the Beth Sar Shalom YouTube page.