• Highly Exalted


  • The Sacrifice Lamb

    The Beth Sar Shalom worship performs this classic Joel Chernoff Messianic worship song..

  • Your Sacrifice Has Covered Me

    This is an original song by the Beth Sar Shalom worship team. Written..

  • Come Holy Spirit, Come (Bo, Ruach Elohim)


  • Hallelu Et Adonai


  • Avinu Malkenu

    The Beth Sar Shalom worship team performs Avinu Malkenu, a traditional Jewish Worship..

  • Adon Olam (Oseh Shalom) Medley – BSS..

    The Beth Sar Shalom worship team leads worship with Adon Olam and Oseh..

  • Mi Kamocha – BSS Worship

    The Beth Sar Shalom live stream recording of the classic Messianic worship song..


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